Which one is better for my business? Shopify Plus or Magento?

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Which one is better for my business? Shopify Plus or Magento?

Many people have used technology to widen their scale of career opportunities. Technology has blessed us with the internet.  The internet has paved ways for people to advance in their lives. As it has made everyone’s lives easier, people often find ways to do more with their lives through the internet. Lots of people have started their own E-commerce business. The internet is running with millions of online stores. The internet has transformed every aspect of our lives. It has made our lives so feasible to the point we prefer being at home than going out.  We shop online, we study online, we work online, and we book tickets online; the internet offers us convenience at its best. 

What’s the importance of E-commerce solutions?

E-commerce stores have allowed people to shop from their comfort zone. Entrepreneurs and associates now get the advantage of reaching people beyond borders, which is also why E-commerce businesses are very popular nowadays. The hardest part of starting an online store is choosing the right platform for it. There are so many options, you might get confused. With technology taking over our lives, there are so many different E-commerce platforms coming out everywhere that the competition to stay on top is getting quite tough.

Now its important to remember that every platform is designed to cater to your needs and wants, every platform is designed to make sure that your business reaches people from all around the world and every platform is designed to boost your sales, promote your brand and expand your business which is one of the reasons why people begin their own online business in the first place. While these platforms have the same goals and objectives, the way they achieve their goals is different. Every platform is unique in its own way.

Comparing 2 different powerful platforms! Shopify plus vs. Magento

The two most popular platforms existing currently are Shopify Plus and Magento. These two are known to set trends in the e-commerce industry. They lead the industry with their marketing and branding skills. While they’re both powerful and set the bar high, they both have different ways of highlighting brands

Magento has been long known for its powerful dominance of the E-commerce market. It is home to many huge brands and stores. Its performance as an e-commerce solution has been greatly acknowledged by people globally. Shopify is comparatively newer as It was launched in 2014, which is surprising considering the amount of popularity and expansion it has reached within a short period. Here you can check how migrating Magento to Shopify

  • User interface


Shopify Plus has a huge range of different themes and templates for you to look over. All their themes are aesthetically classy and focus on delivering the perfect brand image. Their themes are mobile friendly, which means your site will look perfect on every kind of device. You can customize over 50 themes and also enjoy their free templates.  Shopify plus is ideal for startups and big businesses. It gives you the chance to customize every part of your website the way you want to. You can change the colors, the sizes, the elements and the number of pages as well. Store management is done from a single interface.

On the other hand, Magento is perfect for people who like to manage different stores from a single interface. Although Magento has only 12 themes to offer, you’re free to create your own theme if you’re excellent at coding. With Magento, you can customize almost anything through coding. It offers easy navigation and highly customizable web pages.


  • Scalability


As Magento lets you write your own code, you’re in charge of everything; which is why it’s more flexible than Shopify plus. It’s great until you have to adapt to a growing website. It’s not easy navigating, changing features and handling everything alone, especially when the website is expanding and changing. Scalability means your site has to be ready for change anywhere anytime.

Shopify plus on the other hand is very simple to navigate. With the platform handling everything, you can trust Shopify plus to handle changes as well. With its simple and user-friendly interface, adaptation doesn’t take a lot of time.

  • Hosting


Shopify Plus allows you to enjoy a fully hosted platform. You don’t have to worry about practicing your coding skills, regularly updating your website, and managing your pages, as everything is done by the platform itself.  It handles everything for you, from managing your backend system to managing your web pages. It has a reliable server to take care of all your web pages for you and your clients. This ensures a user-friendly experience.

Magento is a self-hosted solution. As it’s highly customizable, Magento lets you customize everything the way you want. You will have to invest a lot of money and provide the best server and resources to run a great website. In return, you have the right to customize and change everything accordingly.  You write your own code and you run your own site. Magento is an ideal choice for people who love having control over their own website.


  • Budgeting


Shopify Plus has a cost of 2000$ every month. This price includes the license cost and the external costs as well. You can add your different features at a great price and customize your own features of the website within a single cost, unlike other platforms that charge extra for additional features. 

Magento’s charges 2000$ monthly for the license and increases annually according to different packages. The hosting costs and additional costs are not covered by the license cost.  The charges vary depending on how big the size of the website is.

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